IT'S ART has published our in-depth article on the making of A Night at the Cathedral.

We talk about everything that went into the making of our short film and also give some insight into some of our propriertary software and techniques.

We hope you'll find the article interesting!

The making of A Night at the Cathedral.

We've finally posted a teaser trailer for our short film A Night at the Cathedral. The complete film will soon be shown at film festivals.

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Over the past few months everyone involved with Studio Lampion has been working hard on making our short film A Night at the Cathedral look absolutely gorgeous. There really wasn't any time for updating our website.

A Night at the Cathedral is our first major production and it's meant to be our reference project for the coming years, so we're paying meticulous attention to detail to make sure everything is just right in order to make sure that the long hours and week-ends we put into this film eventually pay off.

As much as we'd love to show everyone what we've spent the last months working on, we unfortunately won't be able to show the film to the general public on the web for the time being. Due to the way film festivals work, public screenings are generally frowned upon and we'd like to have the film admitted to as many festivals as possible. Rest assured though, the short is almost done.

Right now, we're just adding some finishing touches, completing the soundtrack and finalizing the edit. We expect the final edit to be done before the end of the month.

Those that have already caught a glimpse of what we have so far have been surprised by the familiar look of this production: Unlike most current computer animation projects which aim for a photorealistic look, we decided to go in the opposite direction and recreate the look and feel of classic animation, albeit feeling free to divert from the original where advances in technology had made the crutches of old obsolete or when we found an artistically more pleasing solution.

To coincide with the impending completion of our short film A Night at the Cathedral we're relaunching our website, If you're reading this, you're probably already on the new site. It's more of an evolutionary step, but nonetheless more to the point and cleaner than the last version.

We're really busy right now animating our characters for our latest short film A Night at the Cathedral. Things are going as planned and we hope to have a trailer up for viewing in 2 months.

In the meantime we're working closely with the BMG Group on visualizing The Cube in Dubai. We produced renderings of their bathrooms a while ago. Our latest rendering shows a large suite.

... it's over with. After almost a year of work (with intermittent periods for paid work to actually get some food on the table), we have finally concluded work on our animated short film A Night at the Cathedral.

All in all, we're very happy with the results. There will always be things we wish we would have done differently or which could still be improved, but at some point you just have to say "OK, this stuff is good enough. We're done."
So done we are. And it feels good!

We are currently undertaking some private screenings to gauge the viewer's reaction and overall it's been positive, so we're very happy that all the work we put in hasn't been for naught.

We will now submit the film to as many short film festivals as possible and hope to get accepted.
That's also the reason we can't show the film publicly on our website yet: Many film festivals have very strict entry requirements and the film being publicly available beforehand usually isn't a clever step.

In next the few weeks you can also expect to read a making-of article here and on a major CG News site. The production of A Night at the Cathedral would not have been possible without our custom tools and we think we have some very interesting workflows and tricks to share with you.

At the same time we're already throwing around ideas for our next film. We have about half a dozen concepts floating around the studio and depending on the success of A Night at the Cathedral, we'll choose the direction to go.

As you can see, we’ve updated our web design to better reflect our style and the values carried by Studio Lampion.
This is the our first major upgrade which also entails the switch of our back-end content management system, so don’t be surprised if you encounter the odd bug here or there. For those of you interested in the technical details of the switch, please refer to our post on the Drupal CMS.

We’ve added a whole bunch of new features to the site and absolutely intend to update on a more regular basis. We’ve got this new Behind the Scenes production log where we’ll focus on letting you know about our latest works. You’ll also read about our in-house research and development and occassionally find some nifty tool or script we’re releasing.

Then we’ve also added a section on our shorts films, both finished and in production. This one will hopefully be updated very soon, once we finish production on our latest short film, A Night at the Cathedral .

That’s all for now. We hope you enjoy the new site!